We are a power organization.

In collaboration with working people, congregations, environmentalists, neighborhood organizations, young Latino professionals, youth who are eager to lead, but lack venues, progressive organizations, immigrant rights organizations and unions — we seek effective ways to address the divide. We know that no matter how hard poor people work without organizing for structural change the conditions that keep them poor will continue.

NBOP’s leadership development has found much success in identifying and challenging individuals into leadership roles.

Whether through direct leadership trainings, meeting facilitation, or development and presentation of personal narrative, we have created a structure where new people are beginning to assume the responsibility to participate directly in the issues that affect them. Leaders are asked to state their self-interest, and from this point on we can hold one another accountable. Constant check in with leaders who have been trained helps us expand on theories, and the planning, execution, and evaluation of public meetings and actions lets us put our ideas into practice. We are proud to produce a diverse cadre of leaders who will engage in bilingual settings with diverse social sectors.

By recognizing the capacities and strengths inherent in each person, we work together to create community relationships and build power. This provides opportunities for people to engage in deciding how to change the structures that keep them poor and to work for equity in our neighborhoods, communities and region.

Listening to one another about the things that matter most and have the biggest effect on the lives of our members leads us to take action to create change.

One on one trainings, building core teams with member organizations, leadership training, issues circles and participation in the decision making process reinvigorate democracy and lead to civic participation.