The North Bay Organizing Project prides itself on our ability to lift up leaders who begin stepping into the public world;

it is what defines us as a “community organization.” Any issue that we take up is only as good as its ability to develop leaders around it, so we make sure that the issue is relevant and in the hearts and minds of our members. The Immigration Task Force and a Transit Equity/ Neighborhood Development Task Force provided leaders, not only direct training, but also with the process of evaluation and reflection needed to enhance their personal development. Leaders lead Task Forces, the Leadership Council, sub-committees, research actions and face-to-face meetings with public officials, and organize successful actions. Having access to the best trainers in the Country, as well as developing trainers locally, has heightened the effectiveness of our leadership development work.

Member congregations and organizations elect two representatives to the Leadership Council.

The Leadership Council meets once a month. The Executive Committee meets once in between the board meetings or as necessary. The board is responsible for strategic planning and is accountable to their member organization for the work of NBOP and for the legal and fiscal responsibilities of the organization. Additional structures are the Task Forces, Education and Training Committee, Fund Raising and Finance Committees, the Church recruitment team, Core Team Caucus and trainings. The work of each member organization as they develop their own issues and campaigns develops their organizational capacity. Members participate in all aspects of NBOP, the leadership council, task forces, and all committees and in the development of their own organizations and leadership.

Members hold the following positions: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Leadership Council Representative, Task Force Chairs, Finance Committee member, Training Committee member, Fundraising Committee member, Core Team Leaders, Church recruitment team member.