Integrated Voter Engagement

Using Integrated Voter Engagement (IVE), the North Bay Organizing Project is on the move to engage voters in serious conversation about how the issues that affect their neighborhoods, communities and personal welfare play out in electoral politics.

IVE goes beyond Election Day get-out-the-vote campaigns by concentrating on issues rather than candidates. Instead of telling people who they should vote for, we want to hear from people about the things happening (or not happening) in their communities that elected officials have a responsibility to address.

We are knocking at your door because most politicians do not make the effort to find out what is important to you. We are knocking because there are ways thatthe needs of your community can be addressed both at the polling place and beyond Election Day. We are knocking because too many people don’t vote on Election Day, because they don’t think their voice matters. We are knocking because your voice does matter.

Tax increases, poor and expensive public transit, and quality education for all students do not get solved on Election Day, but voting according to your values makes a huge difference in the ongoing process of policy change. When we vote, we demonstrate that we care about the decisions that are made and we believe that nothing should be decided about us, without us. Join us and Vote. Make your voice count. Make your neighborhood count. This is how the people have power in the system. This is why every vote counts.

Our aim is to reach out to those who are traditionally left out of the process. If we are knocking at your door that means you are part of the New American Majority. Yes, the majority! IVE is knocking at your door so that this new majority will be heard, loud and clear.

Issues do not get resolved on Election Day. We all know the limitations in the ability of elected officials to create policy change. Civic engagement around issues creates momentum that will see a movement through to real change. It creates new leaders and it creates an avenue for the people to have their voices heard.


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