Redwood Forest Friends Meeting

Redwood Forest Friends Meeting is a Quaker meeting (congregation). When we Quakers, known as Friends, have a Meeting for Worship, we gather, quiet our minds, open our hearts, and settle into a reverent and expectant silence to wait upon the Light. We believe that in this opening of our hearts to the Spirit, we are contributing to the common worship of all present, as well as to our own renewal. We have no minister, as we believe the Light is directly available to all, and all may minister. This time may pass in silence, or individuals may be moved to speak briefly out of the silence. Leaving a space of time between each person speaking allows the ministry of each to be respectfully heard.

Our Meeting for Worship is unprogrammed; there is no set order. We wait and listen together in silence, seeking divine guidance or inspiration from a source known among us by many names: the Light; the Truth; God; the Inward Christ; the Seed; the Word; Jesus; the Lord; the Universe; Wisdom.


1647 Guerneville Rd, Santa Rosa, CA 95403

Phone: (707) 578-3327