• Annual participatory evaluation occurs by leadership and member organizations at the end of the year and after each tri-mester. The strategic plan provides structure, focus and accountability.
  • Participants evaluate every action and meeting. “ If it is worth doing, it is worth evaluating.” This includes the action itself, what was accomplished, facilitation, training and planning. Tension as a component of effective action is evaluated in order to maximize our potential for personal and organizational transformation.
  • We are working to create opportunities for leaders to engage successfully in campaigns that change the problems and issues they face in their lives and will better their communities.

Recognition of the capacities and strengths inherent in each person as we work together to create community relationships in order to build power provides opportunities for people to engage in deciding how to change the structures that keep them poor in our neighborhoods, communities and region. Listening to one another about the things that matter most and have the biggest effect on the lives of our members leads us to take action to affect change; action leads the organization into the public world and civic engagement. One on one trainings, building core teams with member organizations, leadership training, issues circles and participation in the decision making process, reinvigorate democracy and lead to civic participation and structural change.