First Issues Assembly Defines the Work of NBOP

Our first issues assembly with 400 NBOP members was held on February 12, 2011. They established their first issue platform: Immigration and Transit Equity/ Neighborhood Development. The task forces did power analyses, leadership trainings, strategic planning sessions, over 40 research actions and six actions between March 1 and November 15, 2011

Law Enforcement Changes Policy to Accept Mexican Government issued Identification as a valid.

The Immigration Task Force focused on the 70 people being deported each month from Sonoma County. The primary reason was lack of identification. On October 23, 2011, 850 NBOP members gathered, demanded and won agreements from the County Sheriff and the Police Chief Association to accept the Mexican Consulate’s Matricular ID as identification. This will significantly decrease the number of arrests and deportations.

Community Connector Bridge becomes a reality – first step taken by Santa Rosa City Council

The Transit Equity/ Neighborhood Development Task Force demanded that the Santa Rosa City Council fund a design study for a Connector Bridge over Highway 101 that will connect the low-income residents on one side with the opportunities on the other side. On November 15, the City Council voted to fund the study – the first step in the process to build the bridge.

North Station Area Planning Process improved to include residents

The Transit Equity and Neighborhood Development task force insisted that the City of Santa Rosa create access for low-income predominantly Spanish speaking residents to participate in decisions being made about a new light rail station and development planned for their neighborhood. They agreed to notify all residents, translate all meetings and engage them in all development phases.

500 people obtain Valid Identification issued by Mexican Government

In March 2012, NBOP organized the first 500 people to obtain their Mexican Government Issued Identification Card to protect them from being arrested.

300 Convene in Second Issues Assembly

Following a broad outreach (Listening Campaign) in all member institutions, in April 2012, 300 NBOP members reviewed their issue platform and committed the organization to immigration – to stop the detentions for ICE holds; to change the Santa Rosa City Charter so that district elections can be held; and, to address issues members experience in public school education.

NBOP Leads District Representation Campaign

After several actions, the Santa Rosa City Council met on June 12 and voted unanimously to place the issue of district elections on the November ballot. This is an issue that residents have sought for the past twenty years and NBOP is proud to have led the campaign and won the victory.

These examples of our success demonstrate the power of building relationships, developing core teams with in organizations, uniting around the problems people face, developing campaigns and taking action.